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Rigorous analysis of the information and data generated in marketing campaigns and actions helps us, as web analytics consultants, to get to know users better. We identify their behaviour patterns through the various points of contact with your brand (online and offline), and this enables us to design high-relevance strategies. We communicate with users using the most resonant messages for your audience, improving engagement and customer loyalty, and we provide expertise in optimizing your media investment, so that efforts are focused on actions with the greatest ROI.


Contact us and we will let you know how advanced CRM can increase your sales.

First Step

Analítica Web

We create information systems that enable you to understand and improve the results of all actions and campaigns carried out in the digital environment, in terms of users/customers/consumers, traffic sources, and digital assets.

Our web analytics agency identifies business objectives and incorporates them into a personalized analytics plan, where they are translated into concrete actions that are adapted to each case. This enables us to identify individual and collective KPIs that will be understood by each part of the decision-making chain.

We display these in interactive visualization dashboards or panels which allow the information to be shared, fostering a collaborative culture in which data drives decision-making.

We work primarily within the Google environment, with projects in Google Universal Analytics, the complete 360º suite, and integration with Doubleclick.

Second Step

Estrategia Data

Having defined the baseline in the Analytics Plan, we work alongside you to monitor your progress, suggesting and carrying out the necessary adjustments to establish a process of ongoing, results-focused improvement, ensuring that the established objectives are met.

Within our web analytics services, we can also extend the reach of these actions by moving into the field of big data marketing, adding a greater volume of data from diverse sources (internal and/or external) into the decision-making process. We develop viable data-management technologies and strategies, integrating both online and offline elements. The objective is to improve the user experience and the profitability of actions, using complex attribution models and even generating predictive models or making use of machine learning and/or artificial intelligence.

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