Programmatic buying

We use the most advanced platforms, like the Google Marketing Platform suite, to develop successful programmatic ad buying strategies through Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Reach the right audience with the highest affinity

To ensure that all purchase that we make for our customers meet the campaign objectives, it is essential to have expert knowledge of the algorithms of demand-side platforms (DSP), which bid on and purchase advertising spaces in real time. This knowledge, our experience in this type of online campaign and daily optimisation allow us to maximise the ROI.

RTB tools allow us to use all the information available about internet usersto make automated and efficient decisions about purchasing the spaces available on countless media, selecting the most suitable impressions to meet our campaign objectives.

This allows us to achieve extensive coverage at a highly competitive cost, while reaching the most suitable audiences thanks to a combination of the micro-segmentation capability of the tool and our use of the data.

In addition to prospecting campaigns, we develop complex retargeting, custom intent and similar audience strategies, through this digital channel. Our aim is always to help our customers to meet the appropriate target by using technology to fully optimise their resources.

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