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Social networks provide the perfect setting for brands to connect to their audiences and improve engagement. In the complex environment of social media marketing, whether organic or paid, developing a good strategy and optimizing management of social networks and blogs offers significant benefits:

  • Brand awareness: It improves recognition of your brand and helps transmit your values.
  • Interaction: It enables you to interact quickly and directly with users, providing you with useful information about them.
  • Engagement: It enables you to connect more closely with your audience, sharing your values with them.
  • Relationship-building: It strengthens the relationship between the brand and your consumers, promoting customer loyalty.
  • Virality: It helps your content spread organically and spontaneously, at no cost.
  • Influence: It gets your audience to recommend your services naturally.
  • Loyalty: It improves post-sales contact with customers and increases retention.
  • Relevance: It helps to organically position sites in search engines.
  • Conversion: It makes it easier to attract potential users / customers and increases sales in the medium to long term.


Contact us to find out how we can help you manage and improve your social media marketing.

First Step

Social network audit and strategy development

Carrying out a social network audit is the most crucial step in guaranteeing the success of a social media campaign. This is an in-depth study of the brand’s channels, its competitors and context.

When our team takes on each project, they realize an exhaustive analysis of the social environment, using active listening tools and identifying competitor benchmarks. On the basis of this social network audit, we develop the communications strategy that best fits your needs, to guarantee successful transmission of the values associated with the brand and ensure that the pre-defined objectives are met.

Second Step

Community management

We have a team of highly-experienced community managers, taking care of all kinds of communities on all the social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+..

We offer genuinely valuable content to expand your communities and secure their loyalty on each of these social platforms. Working from your objectives and portfolio of products and services, we distribute the key information about your brand to customers, ensuring that it is presented in the most attractive way.

As well as the regular calendar of publications, we create special actions (competitions, prize draws, surveys, etc.) focused on redirecting traffic, capturing leads and improving engagement. This type of action helps improve the performance of your social network profiles. We draw on the latest market trends in social media, making the most of the functionality provided by each platform, before analysing the results.

We are able to respond rapidly to any feedback, thanks to social media monitoring and the social media listening tool alerts we set up. We listen to fans, talk to them to resolve their queries and get to know them better, passing all this important information about their buyer personas on to our clients.

We focus on ensuring that fans feel part of a community and themselves become ambassadors for your brand’s products and services.

Third Step

Advertising on social networks

Thanks to the extensive microsegmentation possibilities offered by social platforms, we are able to run social network advertising campaigns extremely efficiently.

As well as managing organic social media, our social media marketing team offers comprehensive assistance with paid social media campaigns, so that you can get the full benefit of advertising on social networks.

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