Social Media

We have a team of Community Managers with extensive experience in managing all kinds of communities in all social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube.

We manage your community and create high-value content

We deliver high-value content, to make communities grow and build their loyalty in each of the social platforms. Based on the customer’s objectives and their range of products and services, we deliver the information that we want to convey about the brand and find an attractive way to present it.

In addition to the posting schedule, we devise special activities (competitions, prize draws, surveys, etc.) aimed at redirecting traffic, capturing leads or improving engagement with your customers. Activities of this kind help to improve the performance of social media profiles. We apply the latest market trends to social media by fully harnessing the tools and functionalities that are available for each platform and then we analyse the results.

We quickly respond to any comments thanks to monitoring and the alerts that we configure in social media listening tools. We listen to the fans and chat with them to answer any questions and get to know them better and we pass on all of that important information about their buyers to our customers.

We focus on making sure that the fans feel like part of a community and become the influencers who recommend a brand’s products or services.

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