SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns allow us to ensure that our customers have a presence in search engines and they are the quickest and most effective way of providing visibility when users perform searches with keywords.

We quickly ensure your presence in search engines

Although Google is the king of search engines, at Nivoria we also run campaigns in other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, nationwide and globally.

We can create campaigns from scratch or improve the Quality Score of a campaign that is already up and running.

We design complex strategies based on selecting keywords and creating groups of adverts, applying filters based on geolocation, socio-demographic information, devices, time zone, etc.

We work with different ad formats, according to the goals and business models of our customers. We also collect and use all of the available data to create remarketing campaigns. Our team optimises the campaign every day to meet the set objectives and KPIs.