Web analytics

In our web analytics department we identify the business objectives and use them to create a custom analytics plan. This allows us to analyse individual and group KPIs that are understandable for everyone in the decision-making chain.

We design a custom analytics plan

We show this information on dashboards or interactive display panels that allow it to be shared, promoting a collaborative culture that is geared towards data-based decision-making. We are experts in visualisation tools such as Data Studio and Tableau.

We mainly work in the Google environment, with projects in Google Analytics Universal and, recently, with Google Analytics 4, the full 360 suite and integrations with Google Marketing Platform (Campaign Manager, DV360, Search Ads, etc.). But we also use other complementary analytics tools such as Hotjar, Segment, Zapier and Supermetrics.

Having defined the core elements of the analytics plan, we support our customers in monitoring their development process, making and suggesting any adjustments necessary to establish a results-oriented continuous improvement process that allows them to meet their set objectives.

Dentro de nuestros servicios de analítica web podemos As part of our web analytics services, we are able to broaden the scope of these campaigns to cover the Big Data– Marketing environment, aggregating a greater amount of data from various sources (online and offline) in decision-making. The aim is to improve the user experience and return on investment from the campaigns, with complex attribution models, and even creating predictive models and machine learning and/or artificial intelligence use cases.

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